Top 8 sunday reads

As much to help myself stay on top of the inspiring stuff swirling around on behaviour change, I thought I’d start a weekly post (each Sunday) of a few of my favourite links. So in no particular order:

1. John Kenny’s Marketing to  Crazy People prezi – an interactive guide to using behavioural economics in marketing. A wonderful resource for anyone focused on driving behaviour change, with links to the very smart video series from John and the folks at DraftFCB, Chicago.

2. A better way to fight Obesity: New, Smarter supermarkets – by Sarah Rich. An intriguing article highlighting the role our shopping environment can play in helping us adopt healthier eating habits.

3. An inspiring read via Slate on the story of the RAF’s World War II Spitfire  – and what it teaches us about the importance of nurturing innovation and radical ideas. A reminder of why the unpredictability of human thinking should be embraced.

4. From The Guardian, a great read on winning the persuasion game. With a focus on sustainability, it highlights the fact that we’re unlikely to save the planet if we think saving the planet is the motivation for behaviour change. The article shares some great examples, highlighting the power of storytelling, consumer engagement, and a deeper understanding of why we do what we do.

5. Via Slate again, Tom Vanderbilt challenges the assumption that “Slow: Children at Play” signs actually change driver behaviour. It’s too important for us not to do better.

6. How and why photos of food are shared online. Some simple but useful observations that may be helpful for anyone focused on shifting our eating habits – and using the power of the social.

7. Wired article on how the wisdom of crowds is lessened as soon as we become aware of what everyone is doing. Social influence wins.

8. And calling all thinkers on behaviour change, Good Magazine is seeking ideas on how we might get Doctors to wash their hands.


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