Stay curious

I was listening to the Slate Political Gabfest today, and they highlighted a wonderful quote from  a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay.

But lest I should mislead any when I have my own head and obey my whims, let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter. Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle any thing as true or false. I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no Past at my back.

While it’s a lovely philosophy for life  in general, it’s good advice for any of us working in communication and behaviour change. We should never stop learning or challenging ourselves because the stakes are too high to think we’ve got it all figured out. So let’s not get too caught up in behaviour change models or strict structures that can sometimes limit free thinking.

For sure, let’s learn from our past – but move forward with the courage to shake things up and challenge what we do and how we think. Just like a group of European Scientists who are now challenging Einstein’s sacred Theory of Relativity.


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