Top 8 Sunday reads – #9

After a bit of a break and a week off sick, I’m back. Hope  you all had a wonderful holiday, and are enjoying your January wherever you are. Here’s some of my favourite stuff from the last few weeks.

1. The great work continues from W+K for Lurpak. “Healthy doesn’t have to be humdrum”

2. If you’re in the mood for a quiet and inspiring documentary, check out Buck. It’s about a real-life horse whisperer. If only more people showed the empathy to each other that he shows toward horses.

3. A wonderful story on how cycling is helping deprived schoolgirls in India

4. A little random I know, but this video of a crow sledding down a roof with a “found” sled is incredible. Reason #1008 as to why animals are far smarter than we give them credit.

5. The Garden is another great documentary about the fight for community and sustainability, as a community garden in L.A fights for survival. The aerial shots of the Garden are awesome – a real oasis in what looks like an industrial wasteland.

6. Loving this 360 panorama of London via the Berg blog

7.  I’m loving both the fun & simplicity of the Nike+ Fuelband idea – plus the ability to set a specific goal each day. Both are important combinations when helping people change behaviour. As BJ Fogg suggests in his top ten behavior change mistakes, it’s important to focus change around concrete actions rather than abstract goals (e.g. “walk 15 mins today” vs. “get in shape”).

8. How do you rebrand and redesign the idea of teachers? Lovely design and strategy work here from Brooklyn-based Hyperakt.


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