Tuesday inspiration

Beautiful and inspiring work here for Western Sydney University




Media and empathy

There’s been some interesting discussions of late on the role of media in building empathy and creating more emotion in their storytelling.

The NY Times have been experimenting recently with Virtual Reality (VR) as a way to engage their readers – including this recent partnership with Google Cardboard where they sent over a million of the devices to their subscribers. They were then invited to view their new virtual-reality film called The Displaced – inserting you in the middle of a story of three refugee children and their journey.

There’s also this recent podcast by On the Media called Feel This – focusing on the new ways that the media tries to reach us on an emotional level. The episode covers the NY Times experiment, Europe’s “compassion fatigue” on the refugee crisis, and issues around clickbait

Lost dog?

Lovely idea for Pedigree by Colenso BBDO in New Zealand. The “Pedigree Found” app helps you find your dog in real-time by sending out instant banner ads in the area via Google.  Milo loves the idea too:)


The same folks also created the very smart Impulse Saver, using insights from behavioural economics to help nudge people toward saving more