Top 9 sunday reads

Here’s a few more links to presentations, articles and ideas that have inspired me this week. Thanks to all the #behaviourchange and #behaviorchange folks who continue to find better ways to drive real change.

And apologies for the recent list generated posts of late. I’m working to get back to some actual writing this week.

1. I highly recommend Jon Howard’s presentation on generating action and delivering change on social issues. I especially liked the reminder to focus on changing behaviour first, not beliefs.

Along these lines, a great example comes from Westpac New Zealand and Colenso BBDO. Using a simple understanding of human nature, they developed a tool that shrinks the change. This gets people saving because the tool to change is literally in their pocket – and it’s fun and interesting. And once people start saving and realize it’s possible, they’ll shift their beliefs to align with their behaviour – correcting that feeling of cognitive dissonance.

2. From B.J Fogg at the Persuasive Technology Lab (Standford University) is his Behaviour Model for Persuasive Design.

3. Here’s a wonderful example of looking up and out. If we want healthy eating for all, why not focus on the environment around us – and use school buses that just sit idle to help transport low-income communities to their local grocery stores. Hat tip to Brain Picker

4. BPS report on tackling Obesity. Hat Tip to mhallsworth

5. The Social Animal. David Brooks presentation to the RSA on the new view of human nature and why we do the things we do. Hat Tip to Mark Earls.

6. While on the subject of the social animal, there’s the heartbreaking story this week of a gorilla mother mourning its dead infant. A reminder of why we’re not so different. As is this

7. Some inspiring words by John Jay from W+K on Creativity

8. Random inspiration of the week. Number 1 rule in anything you do – be interesting

9. New study on how our our mood spreads via our Facebook status. Find happy friends perhaps:)  Via  John Kenny

You can follow more great thinkers on behaviour change through the Age of Change newpaper.

Let me know what else you’d recommend out there – thanks